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Lumineers are very thinly shaped porcelain that is bonded to your tooth. The fact that they are very thin allows us to minimize the preparation of the tooth to create beautiful transformations of your teeth. Lumineers are just one type of veneer and there may be other types of veneers that are more suited for your particular case. Dr Romersa has been doing veneers since 1987 and has seen alot of different systems come and go during those 25 years. He will evaluate your case and explain what your best option would be for your mouth.  

Veneers are generally a very conservative treatment option and that is why we love doing them! 

Due to the fact that there is minimal preparation, there is often little to no discomfort in this procedure. The procedure always requires 2 visits.

Give us a call today to see if Lumineers will work for your smile!

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